Annual KOFS Meeting on Feb 23 – 24, 2018, @ WKU’s Green River Preserve

Dr. Albert Meier has graciously agreed to host the meetings this year at Western Kentucky University’s Green River Preserve.

The 1,520-acre WKU Green River Preserve stretches across both banks of the Green River in Hart County, Kentucky, and helps protect a high concentration of endangered species, including mussels, cave shrimp, and bats. The habitats of the Preserve include bottomlands, uplands, barrens, caves, limestone glades, and of course, the river itself. The Green River and its tributaries are centers of biological diversity for freshwater mussels and fish, hosting over 150 fish species and 71 mussel species.

The tentative agenda (found here) includes the Friday evening fireside social, a tour and hike of the Green River Preserve early Saturday morning followed by meeting activities in the Cave Research Foundation Lodge.

Lodging Friday night:

1. Green River Preserve has dorms that hold up to 14 people, which is free but only available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

2. Cave Research Foundation (CRF) Lodge (, which is $12/night per person.

Directions to the Green River Preserve can be found here:

Directions to the Cave Research Foundation’s lodge at Hamilton Valley can be found here: Additional, step-by-step instructions for traveling to Hamilton Valley can be found here.

Submit Meeting Registration Form (found here) via email to: or

We hope to see everyone there!